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Best Rates For Motorhome Insurance For Young Drivers

Everyone wants to find the lowest price they can get for motorhome insurance but keeping premiums to a minimum should not be the only thing you think about when shopping around. In particular younger drivers, who tend to have to pay more than older ones, will find that a little preparation before they start asking for quotations can save both cash and time. Even for older drivers wanting to buy a product for a specialist vehicle, like motorhome insurance, a little preparedness can pay dividends.


Consider exactly how the motorhome will be used, and by whom, prior to spending time on the phone with brokers. If you are a younger driver seeking motorhome insurance, it may be cheaper to have the vehicle insured by an older member of the family, or as part of a fleet, than to insure it individually. Younger drivers will also find a better rate if they opt for a low level of motorhome insurance, such as third party only. This may suit you if you only use the vehicle very occasionally, but it won’t provide a sufficient level of cover when you take it on holiday.

Secondly, think about the likely destinations that you will use your motorhome to travel to. Some insurers automatically include international travel and some do not. So, if you don’t plan on going abroad why pay for this sort of cover? If you choose to take the vehicle overseas, plenty of insurers will cover Europe, but not beyond. Some include breakdown recovery, so if you already pay for that, it can be a cost that you can remove.

Lastly, as a motorhome is likely to contain many personal items on a holiday trip paying for a more comprehensive insurance premium may be better value than a policy that covers you for less, regardless of how young you are. Insuring yourself against theft from the motorhome to cover your camping equipment, sound system and gadgets is a good idea if you like travelling to places where the vehicle will be unattended for periods.

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