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Difference Between Standard Vehicle and Motorhome Insurance

If you are a first time owner of a motorhome and want to have it insured, you should become more aware of the difference between standard vehicle and motorhome insurance.

Recreational vehicles should be covered by a special policy. It should cover unique events that could occur during a camping trip.

When you take your motorhome out of town or to a campsite, you and your companions may be exposed to the road accidents or lost possessions at a camp site. You might need emergency expenses to treat injuries. A typical policy for ordinary vehicles may not be able to cover these kinds of liabilities.

Ordinary vehicle insurance plans are cheaper compared to those specifically for RVs. Typical policies for regular vehicles will not give enough coverage for trailer owners who travel often. Regular coverage will not pay for lost items inside your camper while you are at a campsite or trailer park.


In case you need alternative sleeping accommodations when your camper breaks down, your motorhome insurance provider may be able to cover the cost of a hotel room. Regular vehicular insurance plans will not provide that benefit. Trailers are supposed to double as sleeping quarters and this amenity should also be covered under your policy.

If you are travelling across borders in Europe, be sure to take a policy that will cover your liabilities when you are outside the UK. People who own trailers in England usually travel to neighboring places such as Scotland. Double check if your motorhome insurance policy will cover your needs in neighbouring regions.

Typical car insurance plans can usually be purchased by people aged 21 and older. In some cases motorhome insurance can only be purchased by trailer owners who are 25 years old and above. Consider the difference between standard vehicle and motorhome insurance and how the right kind of policy will benefit your more.

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