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European Motorhome Insurance Cover

Motorhome insurance cover is a legal requirement for any mobile home to get on the roads. While a regular vehicle or car insurance may be customised to partly cover the motorhome against the common risks, it may really not be a comprehensive cover needed for this specific type of vehicle.

Scope of Motorhome Insurance Cover

Motorhome cover usually spans damage to vehicle due to accidents, fire, deliberate sabotage, or thefts. These policies also cover theft and damages to portable generator sets used to power the mobile unit, gas units, motorhome awnings, windscreen and other glass infrastructure. Any equipment that is a part of a motorhome is protected by the insurance, which includes TV aerials, cooking equipment, entertainment units, safety settings as well as satellite navigation systems and phones.


Personal belongings, however, do not fall under the purview of motorhome insurance cover. Motorhome owners will have to ensure that jewellery, expensive outfits and accessories are adequately covered as a part of a regular home insurance, or optional personal cover.

European Motorhome Insurance Cover

EU cover and European Breakdown cover is usually bundled along with the standard motorhome cover in the United Kingdom. The scope of overseas cover varies from one policy to another. However, European Motorhome Insurance Cover favours those who frequently visit the mainland and choose to camp out on their motorhomes.

EU cover should necessarily protect the motorhome at all times, right from sea crossing to mishaps and breakdowns while on the ground, in addition to the damage and theft cover included in the basic scheme. It is also important for motorhome owners to check if the cover is limited to the duration of the trip or number of trips or applicable only in select countries, and if their vehicle usage conforms to such limitations.

Those travelling to Europe should also ensure that alternate transport and accommodation arrangements are included as a part of the EU cover, so that they are not stranded in case their motorhome suffers a damage or breakdown during the course of their trip.

Motorhome owners should read the small print carefully to understand the features, limitations and exemptions of multiple Motorhome insurance schemes. They must also compare their offerings to arrive at the scheme most suited to the usage of their vehicle.

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