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How to Get the Best Motorhome Insurance for European Travel

Motorhomes are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK with great numbers of people investing in them for their holiday of choice both within the UK and to travel throughout Europe. Motorhomes are invariably the biggest purchase you will make after buying a property and thus it is vitally important that these expensive items are well protected with adequate motorhome insurance.

Choosing the right motorhome insurance option for you can be a difficult and expensive decision. Ensuring that you have complete peace of mind when you travel in the UK and further afield in Europe is vital and there are a number of factors to consider when deciding on an insurance policy.


Depending how often you use your motorhome and how far you travel, consider taking out a motorhome insurance policy that takes mileage into account. For example if each year you are intending on visiting just one European country then you will only need a policy with a low mileage limit. Conversely if you are planning a European road trip then you should ensure the policy allows for unlimited mileage. Otherwise any claim you may have could be denied if you go over this limit.

What is included in your insurance policy will differ between providers and comparison should be undertaken when deciding on motorhome insurance. For example if an accident leaves you unable to live in the motorhome, check how many days worth of alternative accommodation the different providers will allow. Similarly compare what providers will pay out if the motorhome is destroyed: some will pay for a new replacement motorhome whereas there are often limits based on the age of the vehicle and the number of miles it has travelled.

It is fundamentally important to ensure that your motorhome insurance policy allows for European travel. It is obviously a slightly more costly option than for UK cover alone but will enable you to be eligible to claim if the need arises.

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