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Motorhome Accessories: Get the Most Out of Your Adventure

Have you recently purchased a motorhome, and have no idea what items you will need to make your next adventure worry free and enjoyable. Many folks are so excited after their purchase, that they go out camping and traveling without giving motorhome accessories a second thought. Here is a list of things that many new RV owners overlook.

• Motorhome safe dishes – There is nothing more frustrating than driving to a remote campsite via a bumpy road, setting up camp, and discovering all of the ceramic dishes are broken.

• Collapsible outdoor furniture- Folding chairs and tables are must have motorhome accessories. Make sure you bring something comfortable, because outside next to the camp fire is probably where you will be spending the most time.

• Cooking Items- Having the proper cooking tools such as knives, forks, spoons, can openers, bbq items, and even a small bbq or grill can make your adventure more enjoyable.

• Bikes and bike racks- A lot of camp grounds and RV parks have a decent amount of entertainment and places to go spread out over a large area. Unless you plan on walking or driving everywhere, bikes can make getting around much easier.

• Entertainment items- Even though many destinations offer entertainment, there are a few things that should be on board. An LCD TV or something compact to have inside, is a nice luxury if it rains or at night time. Fishing poles, horse shoes, badminton , cards, and similar types of activity items are all good, especially if the kids get bored.

• Electrical Items- To make your experience more like home, some appliances such as coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, mini refrigerators, and other appliances should be thought of. If your motorhome’s electrical system can’t handle a big load, you may want to consider a small quite generator along with some extension cords.

Motorhome insurance- Having proper motorhome insurance before you go on your adventure is an absolute must. Motorhome insurance companies offer all types of rates for different motorhomes and the mileage driven annually.


The Best Motorhome Accessories On The Market

There are lots of motor home accessories on the market, with the quality ranging from pretty standard to absolutely the best. But motor home accessories can often be difficult to choose online. In a sense it is difficult to know whether the item that you are looking for is ‘just right’ for your own particular motor home and you don’t want to buy something that isn’t any good.

Sometimes if you find a website that sells some really great motor home accessories but you aren’t sure as to whether or not it would suit your motor home, then you can usually find them in motor home accessory shops and simply try it out in the shop, then buy it online. That way you save money, but you also only buy accessories that you know are going to look great on your motor home or are going to be really useful.

Generally the most expensive motor home accessories tend to be the best and they can really help to make your motor home a fantastic holiday home. They will transform your whole holiday experience and make you feel like you are living the life of luxury. As a general rule of thumb, the best accessories will be those that offer you that little bit of opulence and will help make life a lot easier.

Remember that buying some good motor home accessories will add to the value of your motor home if or when you decide to sell it. Obviously you don’t have to sell accessories with the motor home, but it can seriously raise the value if you add them in with the sale. Obviously only the best accessories will add value to motor homes, but they can make quite a difference.

One thing that you do need to think about if you have updated your motor home accessories is the insurance policy that you have. If you have a really good insurance policy then you probably will not need any extra protection, but it can be worth getting specific motor home quotes for insurance, simply to accommodate your accessories, because these can be quite expensive.

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