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Motorhome Facts

Top 10 Motorhome Facts

Ten motorhome facts that you probably never knew, but always wanted to know!

Interesting Motorhome Facts

1. For full motorhome facts the history of the motorhome is not well documented, but it is thought that in the early 19th century, the French had designed wagons to live in and these were the early motorhomes (without the motor).
2. The original motorhome, complete with motor was built in 1929 in Australia and from then on, the motorhome became a real favourite with people all over the world.
3. In the UK  motorhome facts question is there is no such thing as a motorhome in terms of the law. The motorhome is referred to as a motor caravan.
4. It is illegal to either use or sell a vehicle that is in excess of 2.55 metres wide or over 12 metres in length.
5. If your motorhome is heavier than 7.5 tonnes then you will have to have a class C licence (that is an HGV licence).
6. Now motorhomes are so advanced that you can actually have solar panels fitted to your mobilehome and they apparently help to significantly reduce running costs.
7. motorhome facts changing a motorhome tyre is very complex. Not only do you need a jack, but you need to have specific knowledge of where you should place the jack so that you don’t damage the chassis. Never offer to help anyone change a tyre unless you know what you are doing!
8. The average cost of a motorhome is £30,000- 40,000.
9. In some parts of the USA it is actually illegal to keep chickens in your motorhome if you live on a trailer park!


UK  Motorhome Facts

10. Last Motorhome facts may not be a surprise but, due to the recession, cutbacks and general money worries, many people invested in a motorhome and it is estimated by some motorhome dealers, that 2010 will be the most successful year for motorhome sales; ever! Motorhome dealers who hire out motorhomes are also confident that 2010 will have been a bumper year, for motorhome facts and motorhome hire UK wide- despite the weather.

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