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Motorhome Insurance – An Essential Travelling Companion

Owning a motorhome is a wonderful way to enjoy a touring holiday, being able to change your location day by day. However a motorhome is a substantial investment and whether it is just the two of you in your camper van, or the whole family in a RV, selecting the right motorhome insurance is very important. Indeed it is a legal requirement and it will cover you in the event of accident, damage theft or loss.

Luckily costs may not be as high as you originally think, because whilst motorhomes are obviously larger than a car, and could be potentially have a few more knocks and scrapes, insurers often realise that motorhome drivers are more cautious when taking care of their holiday home on wheels.


It pays to shop around and make sure your motorhome insurance is suited to both you and your vehicle. You can often get discounts for low mileage, for careful drivers and if you are able to keep your vehicle in a garage too, this will all bring the cost of motorhome insurance down. You need to decide whether it will be just for one driver or you will want to share turns at the wheel. Also you may be happy travelling around the UK, making the most of the lovely countryside or you may want to take your motorhome abroad, in which case you need to ensure that your policy covers that to.

Motorhome insurance is there for your peace of mind, to ensure that you are covered for any eventuality, whether at home or away, to make sure that your precious holiday time is not disrupted. However you wish to purchase your insurance, be it online, via the telephone or in person, it is best to get a number of quotes to make sure all of the essentials are covered and you are not paying for any extras that you don’t require.

So when you have your motorhome insurance sorted, it is then time to fill up the tank, pack the cases, get out the map and then off you go – happy trails!

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