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Motorhome Insurance – Finding the Best Price

As much as you love your motor home, it’s hard to love the annual insurance bill. Like all costs, it’s best to shop around to find the best deal for your circumstances.

One way to find a range of quotes for motorhome insurance is to use a price comparison website. Go Compare are a well known brand in this area and they do quotes for motorhomes. You only need to enter your details once, they will then search a range of insurers and show you the different prices. You can then click through to take out the best quote or check further details.

Another way to find a good rate for motorhome insurance is to choose a niche insurer who fits with your needs. If you are over 50, then it’s well worthwhile getting a quote from Saga. Their comprehensive insurance may be as cheap as £150 per year, includes unlimited European Union cover and also offers protection to your no claims bonus, if your motorhome is vandalized.


If you have had any difficult finding motorhome insurance, then a specialist motorhome broker such as Adrian Flux could be a big help in finding you a suitable motorhome insurance policy. Insurance brokers have in depth knowledge of their sector of the market, so can offer expert guidance with their motor home knowledge.

Some motor home insurance policies grant a discount, if you are members of the Caravan Club. The Caravan Club themselves offer motorhome insurance policies, so are worth looking at for a quote. As you would expect, they have lots of useful extras including personal effects cover, emergency overnight accommodation and limited mileage discounts. However they don’t just offer quality, they guarantee to beat your renewal premium by at least £25, if you are a club member. You could also decrease your premium, if you have completed the club’s Practical Motorhome course, which could help to keep this essential cost down.

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