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Motorhome Insurance for European Travel

Purchasing adequate insurance for your motorhome both within the UK and further afield in Europe is a definite must. After your house a motorhome is likely to be the most expensive purchase you will make so ensuring that it is looked after if the worst happens is crucial. As with standard car insurance, motorhome insurance is essential and indeed is a legal requirement. Not only does it offer protection for other road users but will also give you the peace of mind that if anything negative does happen while on holiday, you and your motorhome are protected.

There are a number of important issues you should consider when purchasing insurance, particularly when purchasing motorhome insurance for European travel when you will be even further from the safety of your home.


You need to ensure that your motorhome insurance policy will cover everyone who may drive it. Although in many families there is one person who will do most of the driving, to allow for rest breaks you should ensure others are also allowed to drive the vehicle. Accidents and illnesses do happen and if the main driver is unable to drive it is extremely useful for another member of the family to be able to take the wheel of the motorhome without the need to get hold of the insurance company.

When travelling further afield in Europe you need to ensure that the motorhome insurance policy is not restricted to a limit on mileage. Although opting for a low annual mileage policy is a less expensive insurance option, if you do exceed this then you will not be covered for any accidents. A short term financial gain can result in a costly error. In contrast, if you merely intend to take your motorhome for short hops to France then a low annual mileage policy may be worth exploring.

To reduce the cost of your motorhome insurance consider factors that will influence the insurance premium. For example insurance policies cover break-in and theft of the vehicle and the installation of security measures such as alarms and tracking devices can help to lower the cost of insurance.

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