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The Top 3 Ways To Compare Motorhome Insurance

If you think that all motorhome insurance is the same, then think again! You need to compare motorhome insurance quotes to sort through the finer details of the policy and see what the exclusions are, what the policy will cover and how much it costs! The market for motorhome insurance is competitive but taking the time to compare different quotes will reap benefits in the long run.

The first thing that you need to do is to check that you are comparing similar motorhome insurance quotes in the sense of the amount that you will pay in the event of a claim being the same on each policy. If there is an excess of £400 on one policy but £500 on another, then you are not going to be making a similar comparison, so ensure the excess is the same.

Motorhome Insurance Quotes

Now you need to compare the motorhome insurance quotes in terms of what they do not cover; the exclusions. This is very important, because the exclusions may be suitable for you, but on the other hand, you do need to check that they will not apply to you. Generally if you are looking for short term motorhome insurance, then the exclusions will be quite standard, but it is always a good idea just to check!

  The third thing that youneed to do is to check out the level of protection for accessories.

Does the insurance policy cover all the accessories that will be in the motorhome? Although these are not as expensive as the motorhome, they can be expensive and soon add up in terms of value, so when you do compare motorhome insurance quotes always double check that you have adequate accessory protection.

Remember that the accessories may be different from the personal effects that you have in the motorhome, so these will need to be covered as well, or you should have them covered in terms of your home insurance policy.
Although it is not a direct way to compare motorhome insurance, you should also check out whether or not any special offers or discounts for low mileage etc are included. After all, any savings made on  motorhome insurance can be spent on your holidays!

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