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Save Money On Your Motorhome Insurance

If you are looking to save money on your Motorhome Insurance policy then the good news is that by choosing the right product you will be able to do just that. Key to Motorhome Insurance savings is making sure you match the policy to your needs and situation.Save Money on your Motorhome Insurance

If you intend to only cover low mileage in your Motorhome, you can make big savings by taking out a low mileage policy. Travelling abroad in your Motorhome should be a pleasure, but it could impact on the cost of your Motorhome Insurance policy. Staying in the UK and limiting travel aboard, particularly outside of the EU, will ensure you keep those annual premiums low.


Insurance is about risk. In line with most insurance products, if you are prepared to cover an increased excess in the event of a claim, you can further reduce your insurance costs. Insurance companies like to see you making efforts to minimise risks; when you do they will reward you by offering a reduced premium on your Motorhome Insurance. Fitting a tracking device to your Motorhome and providing secure storage will be seen positively. Lesser known options include fitting flat tyre protection systems which will help to keep your vehicle on the road should you suffer a flat tyre. Reversing or parking sensors will not only avoid embarrassing low speed scraps, but can contribute to lower insurance costs.

Your no claims bonus (NCB), as with car insurance, will play an important part in keeping those premiums low. It is imperative that you avoid low value claims that will increase your premium in the long term. Joining a motorhome association can also help you achieve a discount with your Motorhome Insurance provider. Associations will negotiate special deals for their members to demonstrate the value of membership. In turn insurers appreciate the dedication that this membership signifies.

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