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Temporary Motorhome Insurance

Temporary Motorhome Insurance is it Wise ?

Couples, Families who are planning to take a vacation and are planning to rent a Motorhome should consider purchasing Temporary Motorhome Insurance. This type of Motorhome Insurance is great because it allows a person to get maximum coverage without maximum commitment. Coverage for these temporary motorhome insurance plans usually lasts from four to twenty eights days. This insurance protects drivers from liability claims in the even that there is an accident. Other coverage that come with temporary insurance is property damage and medical expenses.

Temporary Motorhome Insurance From A Friend !

Another great recommendation is purchasing the insurance from the company that rents the motor home to the driver. Getting the insurance from the same place that the motorhome is rented from may give the driver a greater discount. If the driver is not renting the motor home but borrowing it from a friend, then it would also be a good idea to get temporary coverage. Even if the owner has coverage, if the driver has an accident but has temporary insurance, the owner won’t have to receive a higher premium on his or her policy.

Some of the great companies that offer Temporary Motorhome Insurance are Sureterm, Safe Guard UK, Frankpickles Insurance. Sureterm claims to provide great temporary coverage for up to twenty eight days. They offer coverage on motor homes weather the motor home comes from a rental company or borrowed from a family or friend.

Daily For Temporary Motorhome Insurance

They offer Temporary Motorhome Insurance coverage that can be purchased right from their website. Whittlesey Insurance, Tourer Select and Saga offer great Motorhome Insurance with extra coverage if necessary. They also offer coverage for hire vehicles, daily and weekly coverage. Day insurance is great for those times when a motor home is rented for a family picnic, or day trip to a theme park. Weekly temporary motorhome insurance is a great idea for large families that prefer to go on a Uk holiday in a motor home by saving money and not having to rent hotel rooms.


With the right temporary motor home insurance drivers can enjoy their holiday, knowing they are driving fully protected in the event of any incident. Go find the best temporary motorhome insurance Today ?

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