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The Advantages of Hiring a Motorhome

With 125,000 motorhome owners in the UK, it would be forgivable to think that ownership is the only way to enjoy picturesque locations or explore new destinations. However, motorhome hire has many benefits and is worthy of consideration for those new to the activity or those who already own a vehicle but are thinking about upgrading or changing.The Advantages of Hiring a Motorhome

With new motorhomes costing upwards of £40,000 even for a van conversion, one of the main advantages motorhome hire has is avoiding this significant capital outlay. Add the other fixed costs of ownership such as insurance, maintenance, breakdown cover and replacing consumables and the true cost of ownership quickly mounts up. These annual costs apply whether a motorhome is being used or is being stored and not in use. In addition to avoiding a large single outlay, hiring a motorhome means only paying while the motorhome is in use – depreciation and cost while a motorhome is parked up becomes someone else’s worry.


Motorhome hire costs from around £600 per week for a four-berth motorhome; the cost of a new motorhome equates to hire fees for four weeks a year for over 16 years.

For those new to motorhomes, hiring is an ideal introduction to the activity. Modern motorhomes which are typically hired come well equipped with central heating, fridge, cooker, hot water, shower and toilet – they really are a mobile home from home. And with the high spec levels comes the freedom to explore the country, and beyond, as you wish. Suddenly, holidays don’t just mean staying in one location for the duration: motorhome hire opens a whole world of posibilties with every day bringing something and somewhere different. Imagine one holiday including seaside, mountains, lakes, rolling countryside, coasts, historical sites and anything else which appeals to the driver and passengers.

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