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What To Look For In Motorhome Insurance

Do you need motorhome insurance fast? Before diving in to purchase the first policy which surfaces, it’s wise to perform some research. Not only will this ensure the selected provider covers everything required, but you may save money in the process. Remember, not all companies are created equal.

How often will the motorhome be used?

The cost of motorhome insurance varies depending on its purpose. Will this be a primary residence, or used for brief vacations? If driven for short durations, your home owners policy may cover the motorhome. Otherwise you need to consult a carrier who specializes in motorhome insurance. If you plan on driving outside the UK, it’s best to select a one which provides European cover.

Why not buy automobile insurance?

An independent study performed by Caravan Guard Insurance revealed nearly 33% of motorhome owners within the UK purchased a standard automobile policy. While this is sufficient, auto insurance often neglects issues related specifically to motorhomes. Points routinely covered by specialists are often overlooked by standard car policies.


What should my policy cover?

The cheaper competitor may not always be the safest choice for the full time traveler. If you spend extended periods of time on the road, or live in a motorhome, full coverage is a necessary investment. Before committing to a carrier, ask for details regarding the following points:

-What are the limits for damage done to personal belongings through flood or fire.
-Are expensive items such as tvs, dvds, and radios covered in case of damage or theft?
-What are the out of pocket expenses after an accident.
-Is alternative transport or are accommodations provided in case of a major breakdown?
-In case of theft, or the motorhome is destroyed, does the carrier cover replacements? And if so, what are the mileage and age limits?
-What towing services are included?
-Does it cover damage done to glass such as the windscreen and side windows?

Lower Premiums

Certain motorhome insurance providers will offer lower premiums to clients who belong to specialist motorhome clubs. If you do belong to such an organization, ask a representative for a list of participating providers. One little question may add up to considerable savings over the years.

Doing a little footwork before selecting a motorhome insurance carrier will ensure you wind up with a policy customized to your specific requirements. This is something every owner needs, and hopes never to use. However should the situation ever arise, you can rest easy knowing you selected the right provider.

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